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APFC Panel is mainly used for the improvement of Power factor. Power factor can be experienced as ratio of active power to apparent power and it is a key factor in measuring electrical power consumption. Because of Low power factor problems like poor power efficiency, thereby increasing the apparent power drawn from the distribution network. This result in overloading of Transformer, Boosters, Switch gears, Cables and other distribution devices.

Our APFC panels can effectively and automatically manage quickly changing and scattered loads along with retention of higher power factor, we are renowned manufacturer of APFC panels symbolized with quality and reliability. Controller switches the capacitor banks in various stages tends to maintain the power factor 0.99 – Unity.

Ranging from 15 KVAr to 400 KVAr

De-Tuned APFC Panel

De-Tuned harmonic filters which are designed to tune harmonic level of the power supply for the smooth Performance of the appliances and machine series. However, there are number of non-linear loads such as thyristor drives and converter which generate the harmonics on the network, causing distortion in the voltage and current wave forms. Harmonics filters are usually formed by series filter reactor capacitive below its running frequency, whereby also contribute even it in a small scale to the reactive power compensation at the fundamental frequency. The products are fabricated under the surveillance of qualified professionals set by skilled technicians using the advanced technology.

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